5 Important Facts To Remember At Time Of Selling Your Car in the UAE

Facts To Remember At Time Of Selling Your Car in the UAE

If you are in a mood o sell off your car in UAE then trust us it will be a complicated job for you if you do it on your own.  Things will turn out to be simple only when you have a professional guide to assist you in the process. Trusting on the efficient services of cashyourcaruae.com will make things really simple for you. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind at the time of selling your car in UAE.

  1.  Do you know that it’s illegal in UAE to issue advertisement for sale or even a notice right on the windows of the car?  If you do so chances are high that the car will face the risk of getting impounded. Better it is to take advantage of advertising on different online sites, or even newspapers as this will help you in selling the car at a very minimal cost in the UAE. You can also contact trusted car dealer of used cars, and it will help to get a good price. Look for dealers as last option if you failed to get a right customer through another mode of legal advertisements.
  2.   It is very shocking that UAE is facing a good number of cases related to Car scams and frauds. We will suggest you keep a regular eye on the news and consider them seriously if you are planning to sell off your car. If you are willing to stay safe from becoming a victim of these scams, avoid accepting any personal cheque as the instrument for your car price.
  3.   Keep it in mind that the car you own will not be considered fit for selling if in case it has cannot some outstanding loans existing on it. If you have a loan on the car then it belongs to the bank till the time repayments are over. Ensure to clear all outstanding loans you have on the car before you make an effort to sell the car.
  4.  After the transaction is over for the car, the registration number must get transferred in the buyer’s name.  You need to Terminate the insurance coverage of your car so that new owner can get the chance to take new car insurance on his/her name. Compare the car insurance quotes of different companies of UAE before recommending an insurance cover to the car buyer.
  5.   You need to make the Submission of the registration card, transfer form, copy of your driver’s license, new insurance certificate and passport at the RTA. This is important and mandatory to complete the process of transfer. Being the seller, you need to make sure to clear all traffic fines if any so that successfully transfer of the car can be done to the current owner. Remember to maintain a copy for registration cards for proof that car is actually transferred.

The above are the most important things to remember when you plan to make a successful selling of the car.

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