Essential Inventory Planning Trends Business Owners Should Know

Essential Inventory Planning Trends Business Owners Should Know

As you know, inventory planning is an essential part of any company’s workflow. There are a lot of trends that relate to the ever-changing world of business. These days, there are some new ways to approach inventory planning, leading to more success. The following article incorporates several inventory planning trends that need your attention if you’re interested in staying top of the game.

Assortment Planning

If you’re not sure what assortment planning is, it’s the process of determining how many items business owners should sell from each company’s product line. This is important because there’s a fine line between carrying enough inventory and overloading your store shelves with slow-moving items. The problem many business owners face is that they don’t know what to keep in stock and what to cut back on. Using new technology, you can plan your assortment based on data and upcoming sales trends to determine what products will sell best.

Item Level Lookup

As you can imagine, having an accurate inventory is an excellent way to determine how much money you’re making. However, having great accuracy isn’t enough to get you ahead in your business. To know the actual value of your products and keep your profit margins high, you have to be able to look at individual items in your business’ inventory. This is where item-level lookup comes into play. It has some real benefits, like finding dead stock or lost items. It can also help you find the best prices on items and eliminate items that are no longer profitable.

Catering to Seasonality

When it comes to business, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities that involve buying and selling. Seasonality is a big part of this because certain products sell better in certain seasons. If you ignore this trend, you could miss out on many sales. Business owners hate missing out on profit, and that’s why it’s essential to develop an inventory system that includes seasonality. It may take some time, but you’ll reap the benefits once implemented.

Buying Tips

Apart from the obvious reasons like knowing how much to charge for your goods, finding the right vendor can be challenging. This is where buying tips come into play. If your inventory system doesn’t let you look up each item in detail, buying tips can help you. It is an easy way to get the most accurate price, and you can use this knowledge to your advantage when you’re setting up new product lines.

Unexpected Items

One of the biggest things that business owners should consider is having effective inventory management software. You can indeed plan out your lineup of products, but there are some benefits you can pick up that make all the difference. The first is the ability to find things that might be missing. You won’t know which items will suddenly pop up, so it’s essential to have this kind of inventory software to keep you ahead of the competition.

Customer Assistance

A big part of running a business is the relationship between your customers and yourself. This is an area inventory planning can help. You can use your business’ inventory software to help you get information from your customers, like what they want or what they’re looking for. It is a powerful way to determine which items are popular and which ones aren’t so that you can create the perfect blend of products for your business.


These days, there are more ways than ever before to plan your inventory to give you a lot more success. These trends are vital for you to know about to keep your business going with a great head start.

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