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Are you looking for like-minded people? Are you looking for potential customers? If yes, we have just the right application for you! For people residing in Bengaluru, the Iamhere app has done wonders. Apart from connecting people, it has not only provided interested customers to sellers, but it has also brought in a new wave of innovation that app developers are currently following.

This App was started in December 2017. You will be surprised to know that it has more than 20000 users today. Naren Kumar, who is a Bengaluru based entrepreneur, is responsible for this application that is widely used today. He said that he wanted to create a social marketplace which is absolutely free from brokers. He thinks that social media has virtually connected a number of people but detached neighbours from each other. This little folly will be done away with through the Iamhere app.

Let’s start by discussing what this App can successfully do. It will enable non-governmental organisations to register themselves on this platform and people will be able to find these in case they want to donate or provide humanitarian assistance in the form of volunteering. For maintaining legitimacy, the App has partnered with Guidestar, which will take care of the verification process of such registrations.

Not just NGOs but one can also connect with other people having a similar taste of hobbies, businesses, interest or social causes in case they need to form a larger group and bring the action. One can use the Iamhere app to find such people or companies through chatting, stories, promotions and even events. As Naren says, people have formed entire cricket teams on this App, NGOs have processed campaigns and colleges have promoted their events. In such a case, you have to bow down for the innovation and utility that this App provides.

Another exciting feature of the Iamhere app is that you can mask your identity as well. In case you would prefer some privacy, you can completely hide your contact details, but you will still be able to look for somethings. Anonymity is very important when you are looking for private interests as you might not want to put every little activity of yours out for the world to see.

If you open and register onto the App, you will be able to spot a map on which several avatars are present. These avatars show people along with their interests. You can create a similar avatar of your own and place yourself onto the map. If people wish to connect, they might chat or contact you accordingly and vice versa. Even though this feature looks a little like Snapchat but the utility attached to it makes it just great!

Whether it is a team that you would like to form or a band, Iamhere will help you connect with the most interested and like-minded people in your vicinity. Even if you’d like to communicate through a fellow college alum, it is possible through this App. You might also be able to promote your college even or gather funding for it by putting up a story here. With so many benefits, Iamhere app works the best for people wanting to do something in a group for a better outcome! 

Newer innovations in the applications and connectivity sector have not only connected people, but it has also rendered the difficulty of finding people with the same interests in big cities evaded. This means that life is more relaxed and comfortable with apps like Iamhere!

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