Choosing the Best Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Engraving (or Laser Etching) is a Subtractive Manufacturing approach, which makes use of a laser beam to change the surface of an item.

This procedure is frequently used to create snapshots on the cloth, that may be seen at eye level. For this, the laser creates excessive warmness intending to vaporize the matter, as a consequence, exposing cavities to form the final photo. It is using the laser for marking the surface of an object.

Laser Engraving: how does it work?

This method is quick, as the fabric are removed with each pulse of the laser. The variety of times controls the depth of marks the laser beam is passing at the cloth.

How does Laser Engraving work?

First ones are engraver machines where the workpiece stay solid, handiest the laser moves (or inversely) — other devices devoted to cylindrical workpieces. The ultimate possibilities are laser engraving machines in which the laser and the workpiece are each motionless, but mirrors are transferring the laser beam at the surface to engrave.

What is it viable to do with Laser Engraving?

It may be used on almost any sort of metal, plastic, wooden, leather-based or glass floor. You can get a variety of different engraved substances. Furthermore, it is an excellent powerful than traditional engraving for small gadgets, which include jewellery. There are also lesser possibilities to harm or deform the cloth. It can be used for many extraordinary applications, along with clinical gadgets, best artwork, and so forth.

It may be used for business applications, but it is also viable to get a DIY laser engraver device, as an example with a CO2 laser machine. You need to join your CO2 laser engraving device at the USB port of your laptop and it’ll paintings like a printer.

At Thunder Laser USA, we provide various kinds of laser engraving machines to fill all the customer needs. Let’s understand the options we have:

  • Nova24 Laser Engraver Cutter:

Thunder Laser USA designed the NOVA 24 Laser Engraver Cutter, which is of 60 watts and covers 24 inches of the work area. It is suitable for beginners for necessary cutting and engraving. 

  • Nova35 Laser Engraver Cutter:

    Nova35 Laser Engraver Cutter comes in 80 and 100 watts power and fits in 35 inches work area. It is suitable for slightly high-end works of cutting and engraving.

Nova51 Laser Engraver Cutter:

Nova51 Laser Engraver is a suitable machine for more prominent industries where the Machine needs improved quality. This Machine is large enough to fit a sheet of 4′ x 8′. It comes with a 100w and 130w laser tubes and covers an area of 1300 x 900mm.

  • Nova63 Laser Engraver Cutter:

Nova63 Laser Engraver Cutter is the most significant machines we hold. It has higher efficiency and suitable for huge industries. This too comes with 100w and 130w laser tubes and fits in 1600x1000mm.

Some of the silent features of our machines:

  1. Hybrid-Servo system which runs up to 1000 mm/s for an improved motor.
  2. Coolers are used to manage the heat developed while the machine is running. It has a separate section for cooling, where you need to put 2 gallons of water, and the Machine cools on its own.
  3. Indication lamps:

You don’t need to keep an eye on the Machine all the time. The light stays in red if the engine is running and turns to green when the work is done.

Exhaust system:

The smart board in the Machine controls air and works as exhaust when the device is running.

  1. Combined Red dot Pointer
  2. Focus Head / Lens
  3. LCD Display
  4. Emergency Stop:

The Machine comes with an emergency stop, where you control if you feel anything wrong or if you need to make any changes

  1. Open cover protection:
  2. The Machine has the transparent cover to protect from dust.

We provide shipping and delivery within 48 hours and offer a discount on every purchase. We value our customer relationships and choose to be upfront whenever they need us. Now, wait not. Choose us, and we’ll make sure you get the best.

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