How To Cancel Netflix Subscription [Full Guide]

how to cancel netflix subscription

Netflix is undoubtedly the best and most popular streaming network in the world, with hundreds of shows and Netflix’s series which are often treated to watch. Netflix started operations in the United States in 1997 and used to sell and rent DVDs. It has come a long way producing original series as their own shows. The original production was started by Netflix in 2013 and debuted with “House of cards” which was an instant hit and made easier for Netflix to produce more original content.

And, then Netflix produced 126 different original series in 2016 more than any other entertainment network or cable operator in the world. Netflix official states that on April 2017 Netflix has 98 million paid subscriber and interestingly, out of that 50 million are from the United States only.

Now, everybody knows how to subscribe to Netflix. But unsubscribing Netflix is something which people are not familiar to. And if you really want to unsubscribe tour Netflix subscription then this guide will definitely help you.

There are many reasons to do so. Might be you don’t utilize the money which you pay to Netflix for subscription, or you just fed up from Netflix now. Whatever the reason I’ll mention a step by step tutorial to cancel your Netflix subscription.

Before going to steps related to the tutorial I need to remind you guys that once the Netflix subscription is canceled you won’t be provided any pricing benefits the next your subscribe to Netflix. You may be using Netflix from a long time and you might be a very valuable customer for them but the chances of they providing you equally good package the next time you subscribe are not healthy. You may also like these free sports streaming sites.

So, let’s get to the steps –

1. First of all, visit

2. The, Click on the option Sign it and open your account.

3. Then you have to click on the option called log in page. Then feed your account related details like Email ID and password.

4. Now, you have to choose your Admin Account, which will be appropriate if you have multiple profiles. Incase you don’t have multiple profiles and only have a single account then just follow the given instruction.

5. Once you reach to your Admin account, you’ll see a page which will have Netflix content. Now you have to click on the option called profile name at the top right corner to continue the cancellation process. A drop-down many will appear, and from there you have to select a option called Choose your Account.

6. Now, at the slight left, you’ll see an option called cancel membership.

7. Now, you’re on your last step.  You have to click on the option called finish cancellation, and that’s to your cancellation process is done.

Importantly, I have to tell you that your Netflix subscription wouldn’t be canceled immediately but, after your billing period is over. And more importantly, if you think that you need to change the decision and re-think again then without clicking on finish cancellation go back to the previous page.

Reconsider Netflix subscription cancellation –

Canceling your Netflix subscription is completely your choice, I can’t force you for anything, but as far my knowledge is concerned right across the world there is no better streaming service is available having better shows and original content and customer service. There are few players in the industry doing the same thing but as Netflix is a veteran in this field they have for knowledge than any other streaming business.

One more reason can be the change in subscription fees when you want to return to Netflix. The subscription packs may be different for you than the previous time and as I told you earlier your honesty with Netflix for even won’t work at that time.

Are there any Alternatives?

Yes, there are alternatives to complete with Netflix and for a trial getting a better streaming service. As a Netflix competitor, the first brand comes to my mind is Amazon. Amazon streaming service Amazon Instant Video is getting popular day by day.

Amazon instant video also provides different streaming services, movies and TV shows and the best part which will be liked by most of the people that Amazon provides free trial for 30 days. Which means for 30 days you can access and watch all the TV shows and movies which are Available on Amazon Instant video.  So, I believe that giving 30 days trial period can be very effective fro you and Amazon both. You can understand that the streaming service provided by Amazon is up to the mark or not.

One thing where Amazon has made some satisfied customer and that great customer service. Always going the extra mile for the customers and providing top-class services. It’s been doing it in e-commerce from that day it started the business, and I do believe that it will repeat the same with Amazon Instant Video as Amazon seems to be very keen and aggressive in achieving more market share in the streaming business and give a fierce competition to Netflix.

Another additional benefits include 2 days of free shipping from Amazon and full access to Amazon music library.

Final Words –

Finally, I have to say that Following those above-provided instructions you won’t face any problem in unsubscribing Netflix. Just follow the instructions properly and read the alternatives and the reason not to leave Netflix, you will have an idea about the consequences you have to face after unsubscribing Netflix. But still, if you have made your mind than choosing Amazon instant video can be a smart choice for you.

Thus, were my thoughts and views on how to cancel Netflix subscription. If you have any questions and suggestions related to the article, then please comment it in the comment section.

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