3 Best Projector Under 200 – 2019’S Best Picks

The times are gone when the movies were meant to be displayed in theatres only. With the help of online streaming, you can have your own home theatre setup at home with the help of a projector.

A projector can be a ‘dream come true’ for the introverts, who can enjoy movies on big screens without going out. Not only for introverts, but the projector also have various advantages for other people as well. However, if you are concerned about the price, then loosen yourself up as we have come with the list of the best projector under 200.

Advantages of the Best Projector

If you are unsure of buying a projector then have a look at its advantages which might help you in making the right decision.

  • Screen Size

Unlike television, you can customize the size of the screen by using a projector. For home entertainment, all you would require is a screen or white-painted wall where you can project the picture. Despite the size of the screen or wall, projected image size can still be customized.

If you buy a television of 40-inches and do not feel satisfied with the display, the only option you would be left with would buy a new one. On the contrary, projectors are not requisite of replacements.

  • Eyes Comfort

It is a fact that your eyes are more comfortable looking at pictures on the projector screen. The sole reason is that the projectors use reflected light which comforts the eyes. However, the television uses emitted light which ultimately causes a headache if looked at for too long.

Furthermore, the projectors have the specialty to display fonts in a bigger size which make the content easily readable. This can help in avoiding eye strain that can be caused by looking at the image with dire focus.

  • Compact Size

Be it any technology, the first thing that attracts is the size of that device. For instance, the change in the size of the mobile phones has occurred to provide convenience to the customers in holding them. Same can be applied for projectors. They have been compact in size since they first got manufactured.

These projectors are made compact, so they can be placed easily at home. Now you can also get the projectors hanged on the wall so it will not occupy any space unnecessarily.

  • Price

Despite being phenomenally advantageous and portable in size, the projectors are available at a very reasonable price. Thence, they do not burden your budget in any way.

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The Best Projector under 200 for Sale

Following are the product;

1.      WiMiUS T3 Projector

Having all the essential media ports like HDMI, USB, and VGA, this projector comes at a very low price. However, its low price does not affect its viewing quality. Even in a dark room, the WiMiUS T3 Projector has the ability to produce vivid, clear and accurate color reproduction.

Although this projector is small in size it can project a bigger screen if placed 3 meters away from the wall. Also, its LED light source can be used for up to 50,000 hours as it consumes less energy.

2.      DBPOWER T22 Projector

The DBPOWER T22 Projector is the best choice especially when you need to use it for dark rooms. It displays the image brighter and it is way better than any other LED devices. Furthermore, this device has a cooling system which minimizes the fan’s sound.

Normally, the projector and the wall should have a distance of up to 1.5 to 5 meters. But to get optimal results it would be better to place them at 2 to 2.5 meters. The best thing about this device is that it can get connected with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Certainly, it has the capacity to comply with USB, HDMI, and VGA as well.

3.      EUG Pico Projector

Due to its compact design, the EUG Pico Projector has become a great asset for home entertainment. It has all the media ports and can operate with the help of smartphones or other digital devices. Along with that, it has Instant shutdown feature which can turn it off immediately.

With the help of keystone correction, keystone distortion can be corrected. To fit the screen on the specific area, this device allows you to reduce or enlarge the screen projection.


For home entertainment, projectors have been a great asset for years. It has many advantages accrued to it and they are mentioned above as well. However, if you are worried about its price then you got you covered. The collection of the best projector under 200 is mentioned above which are not only cheap but considered as high-quality products.

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