Best Idle Heroes Tier List and Guide in 2019

Idle Heroes is one of the best games that one can find online these days and is one of the most popular ones too. The game is based on the ancient religions that also include magic and special potions besides some tricks which will keep the player engaged with excitement at every level. Moreover, the best thing about this game is that you can choose your preferred character from a long idle heroes tier list which comes out every month with many new characters. 

This is why an idle heroes’ guide is best to provide the required information about every best hero in the game to make your game unmatchable with competitors online.  

Guide For Idle Heroes

Once the tier list is out, you can go through this guide to acquire the information about every hero and compare it with other characters and monsters to get the best out of the list without much effort required. You just have to pick the most powerful hero which has the ability to defeat the metagame. Some of the most powerful heroes as per the updated tier list are

Idle heroes for beginners

  • Starlight: – 

One of the most exciting and idle heroes’ best monster is Starlight. She is free and has many incredible powers that can be discovered while the levels keep on passing. By upgrading her gradually and increasing the stars that are collected she can reach upto the 250th level.

Abilities: –

  • The impairing strike of Starlight can defeat all the opponents easily.
  • A great blast of fire in the beginning levels can blow away the opponents on the battlefield.
  • The blast of ice is also one of the exciting themes that can provide you the extreme action scenes.
  • You can also be the winner of the game if you keep her constantly upgrading by the collected stars.

Developers are trying to enhance her skills to the fullest extent and the next events can make her the powerful character in the beginning levels.

  • Norma: – 

For beginners, those who are in the initial stage of the game in the starting levels, Norma is the greatest hero. One can get her for free simply by getting registered with the e-mail account to get access to the characters and featuring powers from all sources. The next event based on Norma is going to be out soon which is arranged around this specific character and will play an essential role to win the level. 

Abilities: – 

  • Norma is renowned for her ultimate ability of resurrection of elements. She can heal all the weak heroes and can also call for water, air, wind, and fire. 
  • She can also fix herself while external threats are approaching and can manage her stamina levels until you reach the 15th level of the game.

She can be a great pick for you at the beginning level providing a good endurance level and enhancing the entire experience of the game. 

  • Vesa: – 

Being a beginner in the initial stages if you want to secure your hero’s presence upto the maximum level, Visa can be the smartest pick you will ever find. Though most of her powers are not visible it can be a great support in your side. Vesa can change the entire situation of the game by positioning her on the battlefield but can consume more energy in the initial level from the game points. 

Abilities: – 

  • Healing power is the best ability of this character as she can quickly heal herself as well as her allies too.
  • She can give a lot of energy to the beginners and can easily participate in the upcoming events of the game.
  • Vesa can be a good support by your side while progressing the beginner’s level effectively.
  • Heart watcher: – 

When it comes to a novice in the initial levels, Heart watcher is probably the most preferred idle heroes’ best heroes from all aspects. The way of attacking and defending of him could give you immense satisfaction in the battlefield. Moreover, the best thing about this hero is that it can also be compatible with the next events of the game which gives new identities and quality of the existing players.

Abilities: – 

  • Heart watcher can impact the battlefield with a great damage using the magic powers.
  • Watcher Marc Mechanic is the ultimate defending technique that can bring you out of external threats and adverse situations.

Idle heroes for the next level players

After completing the beginner levels, now you will have a real need for powerful heroes to surpass the complex sessions of the next levels. Proceeding to these complex levels will also provide a great excitement due to the improved graphics.

  • Iceblink: – 

Iceblink is the idle heroes’ best monster which can give you the intoxicating power of ice. One can have a great use of him while approaching the 60th level. One of the most highlighting features of the Iceblink is that he can freeze all the opponents with a single ice blast and there are lots of other shades that can be witnessed by upgrades.

Abilities: – 

  • Intoxicated ice rays can freeze all your opponents on the battlefield at once.
  • He has the ability to take away the armors from the enemies including their health stars as well instantly.

It is the most interesting character of the game having the magician’s cloak and insane abilities which can thrive for the winning level standing in your side. 

  • Xia: – 

While approaching the complex levels and surpassing some of it one must now focus on elegance over the raw power. The ones which have immense abilities to clear the battlefield area at an only glance should be prioritized over the ones having raw power or having a monstrous look. Xia is a great complement in these levels as she has some powerful abilities that can wipe up the enemies at a glance.

Abilities: – 

  • The Whirlwind sweep of Xia is deadly for the opponents and can create a massive damage in the field.
  • Xia is ranked higher in the idle heroes tier list as her one move can threaten the whole opponent race causing massive damage.
  • You can secure your side being in the winner levels by having Xia in the field at the right instance.
  • Skerei: – 

Skerei is the most popular hero and is the most valuable one in the tier list as well. He is said to have the death ray possibility which means with a single strike he can smash all the opponents and can add the winning credits to him quickly. 

Abilities: – 

  • Besides the death ray, which can destroy the opponents in a single smash, he also possesses the grip of death which gives an extra two rounds to finish the opponents.
  • Incredible stamina levels are possessed by Skerei which can last upto many levels even until winning the game as well.
  • He can also give health levels to his allies and is one of the cutest heroes in the game.
  • Sigmund: – 

Sigmund Freud is the most famous psychologist and is unmatchable in terms of his abilities. He can take the position of the most valuable heroes such as Skerei on any battlefield as per your requirements. 

Abilities: – 

  • Sigmund uses his flame bombardment to scare the enemies on the battlefield with the fireballs.
  • He can also extract the health levels from the enemies and can turn into one of the most powerful death machines in the whole game

Sigmund can also participate in the next events of the game and is one of the most preferred heroes by most players in the complex levels. 

  • King Barton: – 

King Barton is a beardy monster that can change the way you are attacking to a great extent. He can turn into a massive threat on the battlefield to the opponents and can also help you win the complex levels easily at a glance.

Abilities: – 

  • King Barton can gain his strength from the enemy’s hit and can use this power to be the death machine.
  • Only certain reactive heroes which stand at the top list of the tier can somehow kill him but normally he is very hard to be killed on the battlefield.
  • Having King Barton in the Battlefield means having a massive support which can ensure your survival in any complex levels.

Being in the extreme complex levels of the game, these heroes can be best suited to be on your side on the battlefield and can make a great change in the way you attack. The rest of heroes are quite hard to understand and upgrading them with your game points will not be as effective as choosing these heroes which are given 10 stars in the idle heroes list by most professional gamers. 

Conclusion: – 

If you have gone through the latest tier list and looking for a perfect pick from them to suit your game based on the instance of the game, then this guide is a perfect assistant for you. The heroes provided in this guide are the possibly best idle heroes having the capabilities of changing the whole game to one-way.  

Even the heroes for beginners are also equally effective if you choose to upgrade them with your game points. Their strikes, abilities to heal themselves and the allies and defending powers can be a great support even in the complex levels of the game. 

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