Top 15 Best Sites To Download Anime For Free

A good taste knows no age bars. Japanese animation is sky rocketing to the new heights every day, and people from all age groups have seemed to fall into their impression. This fictional culture has won hearts of many due to its amazing storylines and attractive visual graphics.

Feast your eyes on this list of top 15 websites well suited for watching and downloading free anime series and movies. Have a look?


As intense is the name, so is the site. Attracting the maximum business, there’s a lot of fuss about this site delivering high-quality anime download services, which is indeed true. Kiss Anime has got a really easy-to-access interface which gives you full authority to watch any anime series online. It also allows you to download the same in any quality say 240p, 360, 720p, and even in 1080p. Not only that, once you sign up to this site, and be the registered member, you’re eligible for playbacks directly in mobile or tabular devices. Isn’t it great?


For all the anime freaks out there, we have got you some great news. This website not only provides an easy to watch and download facility to all its users, but it has got a stack of dubbed anime as well. Usually dubbed anime are hard to track, but this site has just made it easier for you with its grand collection of dubbed and subbed anime series. Indeed a great database to use featuring much more facilities like updates on latest episodes and series. What are you waiting for? Go, try it now! is another site which has a vast database for an explicit watch of any anime series, released or ongoing. What separates this site to its counterparts is an amazing feature of notifications, reminding you of the latest updates on your favorite anime series. It streams anime episodes in 480p (SD) and 720p (HD) and features the entire release schedule to help you sit tight and come back for another watch.

Hear out anime buffs, this site streams anime cartoons and movies all with English subtitles. Also, it is streaming in almost all the countries hence it has got dubbed anime as well, in excellent quality. This is a huge site with an extensive library and all the possible facilities. Whether you are a Manga fan or just like anime movies, you’ll get all that you love, here. In addition to the site, GoGoAnime app is equally promising, free and supportive, whether you’re an iPhone/iPad user or an Android owner.


Otherwise called Anime TV room, it has got some really exceptional and comfortable features. It is as easy to use like your own movie library. They have the entire tip to toe anime movie collection for your watch, with or without any signup. Did we mention comfort?

It serves all your major purposes and you don’t even need to sign up to use this website. All you need to do is visit their home page, select the movie (Yes, it’s all on their home page. You don’t even have to struggle around.) And start watching.

If you are movies lover, then you should check out best free movie websites.

Anime-Planet is an extremely popular website to watch and download anime movies online. They have got a special category designed and reserved for the same. One can easily search their favorite anime movies in the search bar and start watching or downloading for free. This website is at par standards in terms of popularity and quality contents. Also, if you’re a Manga fan as well, this site has a special Manga category where you’ll find all the Manga series and episodes available for your free watch and download.

This site has an amazing ethnic and classic style, with straight directional content over it. Its brief organization of database simplifies most of the things for its users. It solely offers anime movies and series for free download. It might have some other anime series as well, which aren’t available effortlessly on any other sites. It provides third party videos, which makes it a little less responsive. However, the overall service is good considering the cartoons and series collection.


The benefit of this site is that it is a legal website and offers all the cartoon videos to watch online or download for free. You ain’t needed any prerequisites to access this website. It works just the same as that of your PS4 and Xbox. You’ll love the way these animated videos turn out on Crunchy roll web site that too, for free. They do provide both the offers which are, premium and free access to anime videos, either way; you have an unlimited amount of database to make use of.


This website is well known for featuring full anime cartoon series. It mainly focuses on streaming series which has aired its full episodes and seasons or ongoing season. Its homepage has got a quite transparent database organization directing you to the required anime pages or series which you’re looking for. It also suggests few download links at the footer section for you directly download your selected anime series within few clicks.

It is an example of best-organized anime website so far. It turns out to be a great manager of the anime series and cartoon movies. All the videos are either dubbed in English language or available with good quality subtitles. Also, registration is the least required term on this site as it offers to watch cartoons online without putting any restrictions on streaming of the number of cartoon episodes. Since, this website makes use of third party site; it is a bit slow to download. Hence, Patience can play a major role on heavy downloads from this site.

This website is quick to feature all the latest updates on their home page. However, one can still search for updates on your favorite shows in the search menu. It works fast to redirect you to your desired anime page by just clicking once. It turns out to be descriptive about the series, episodes with one look synopsis and download links. Considering the facts, it finds a place among one of the best anime watch and download websites available online for free.


Animehaven is a website much popular for its extensive growth in terms of high definition quality and clean updating policies. This is one of the sites having a huge fan following considering the fact that it supports high-quality download links like those of KissAnime, and quick to come up with latest episodes. This site serves as a huge platform for users to watch famous anime series, cartoon movies, and also discover ongoing or new shows which they might like. Apart from this, one can even download anime songs here for free.


Continuing to our list of best anime websites, here come Animecrazy. Though, not as crazy as it sounds! Like others, it too offers most popular and in demand anime series for your watch. It too offers its services for free and has a good quality cartoon videos if not more. Videos are either dubbed or come with English subtitles, making it easy for you. Although you might get troubled by the uninvited pop ups every now and then, we suggest installing an ad blocker as well.


A vivid combination of modern, stylish and elegance, this website sets an example for all its counterparts. An extreme visual design, high on categorization and quality, Animehere is the best-suited website so far who has no loopholes, not even in the downloading part. It offers high-quality free anime material, with or without any login. If registered, you have an advantage of keeping tracks of your watching history. It doesn’t even bother you with unnecessary advertisements and comes clean in both subbed and dubbed series. We highly recommend you to try this site at least once if not more.


For all the Naruto fans out there, consider this website your savage. This website is easy to stream all the Naruto as well as other cartoon videos for free. It is clean from all kind of pop ups and is well categorized to watch your favorite anime online. Take this website into consideration if you want an easy to go website with lots of freedom.


Anime is a journey which is not only covered by the character in there but lived by many watching it, as well. The list presented above is to satisfy the anxious minds of anime lovers, giving them all the access to their favorite animation world. Don’t just believe us, Try them yourself!

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