Top 5 Best Android Launcher 2018 To Get Awesome UI

Best Android Launcher 2018

Every android device comes with a default launcher. When you use your default launcher for a long period, your device becomes sluggish and you become bored too, by using the same thing. That’s why you need a new launcher for an interior look of your phone. You can change the layout of the device and also customize it to the way you want by installing an Android launcher.

Android launcher

The best thing about using a launcher is you can explore your old device in a new way and you will do these without rooting your device. After using a launcher if you don’t like it, then you can replace it with the default launcher anytime. If you are looking for the best android launcher then here are some suggestions for you. You can pick any of these launchers and set as your default launcher.

Best Android Launcher of all time:

It is very necessary to choose the best android launcher for your device so that you get the maximum utility of this. You will get tons of launchers in Google play store itself but how will you know which one to chose? Some launchers make your device slow and use so much of RAM. That’s why you need to choose your launcher carefully. Here is a list of best android launchers from which you can use any.

1. Action Launcher 3:

This is one of the best launchers to keep on your Android device. You can understand the popularity of this launcher from the number of download on Google Play Store. This launcher comes with many attractive features especially QuickTime, QuickPage etc. You can customize almost everything on your device with this launcher. When you use this launcher, your home screen looks amazing. With the shutter, Quickbar, and Quick edit you can do so many things. You can download this launcher for free but if you want to access all the features of this launcher then you need to upgrade it paying a certain amount of money.

action Launcher 3

Key features

  • This launcher will give you the feeling of Nexus/Pixel and its features.
  • You can make app widget with this launcher for quick access to all your apps.
  • You can customize the Google search bar by your preferred apps and shortcuts.
  • You will get quick edit mode for icon suggestions.
  • It changes the icons of your device and makes them look better and attractive.

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2. ADW Launcher 2:

This is a genuine launcher which comes with many unique features. You can download this launcher from Google Play Store for free but to access all the features you need to upgrade it to the premium plan. This launcher provides awesome screens, icons, and widgets too, which you won’t get in any other launcher. What else you need from a launcher which also comes with a dynamic UI which supports the latest Android versions and much more.

ADW launcher 2

Key features

  • You can manage your screens just by holding the empty area of the desktop.
  • You can add shortcuts and widgets in a simple and easy way.
  • You can change the wallpaper, lock/unlock settings in a simple way.
  • The visual mode provided in this launcher helps you to configure the appearance of your device.
  • The wrap folder mode of this launcher automatically opens the first app when you tap a folder and shows the folder contains.

3. Arrow Launcher:

This is another great launcher which you can download for free from Google play store. The best thing about this launcher is it is 10% faster than your default launcher, uses 15% less battery and also uses 20% less memory compared to any other launchers. Another reason to install this launcher is, it’s a personal launcher from Microsoft garage. With this launcher, you can easily find all your apps. Arrow launcher is available worldwide and this launcher is translated into all the main languages which make your job easier.

arrow launcher

Key features

  • This launcher helps to manage your apps like the way you want based on rank or daily usage.
  • You can see all your recent activity by just a single tap.
  • The overl layout of this launcher is very easy and simple to understand.
  • You can find all your important contact in an easy way.
  • With this launcher, you can set reminder wherever you want.
  • This launcher allows you to access your important documents on cloud and also allows to share with people.

4. Atom launcher:

Atom Launcher allows you to use your android device in a more easy and convenient way. This launcher provides different amazing features such as decorating the home screen and applications. You can use trendy themes to decorate your home screen and icons. The launcher is available for free download but you can also update it to premium to get some more features. The paid version is cheaper than the other premium android launchers and the main part is that the launcher supports in all type of android versions.

atom launcher

Key features

  • If you don’t like the default themes, you can make your own theme.
  • With the atom bar, you can easily access the necessary apps.
  • The double tap gestures help to control everything in an easy way.
  • The dock bar allows you to access up to 20 of your favorite apps instantly.
  • With the icon setting, you can change the size, view, and also the color of the icons.

5. GO Launcher:

This launcher has many amazing features in it. It provides more than 10000 beautiful themes from which you can choose any. and customize your device like the way you want. This launcher is the most stylish launcher which comes with a flat interface design. Most of the people install this launcher for the themes and wallpapers it provides.

Go launcher

Key features

  • You can hide and lock the apps and improve the security of your device.
  • From the theme store, you can download themes and wallpapers.
  • 17 effects are available in the magic slide so that you can independently choose.
  • You will get many widgets with this launcher and customize them too.
  • The 3D engine helps your device to run faster.

Keeping an additional launcher on your phone is very necessary, as it will not let your get bored with your phone. When you will install a launcher everything of your device will be changed and you can rediscover your phone. You can install any of the above-mentioned launchers as these are the best and trending launchers of 2017.

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