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Plex is a well-known and widely used multi-platform media organizing system. Millions of people use it to organize various types of digital media and stream them on digital media screens. Plex allows you to enjoy any kind of media resources anytime and from anywhere. It has healthy pivotal server streaming functions. The server is available on the following platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, as well as NAS devices, such as ReadyNAS or Synology. Plex gives you the capability to play a lot of videos, audio, and photo formats, along with online streaming audio/video. However, if you want to find a plex alternative, you should check out the list below. 


TVersity is an accessible and reliable DLNA-based media server. It is used for streaming your favorite multimedia data from your personal computer to DLNA/smartphones/PnP devices. TVersity is not only about online streaming. You can use it as a media sharing and screen mirroring too. TVersity is considered to be the pioneer of the real-time transcoding. In fact, TVersity is the first software, which could support the mentioned feature. This software has a lot of advantages, but the main one is the ability to deliver any media to any device. All users are provided a personal entertainment guide to assist them in the process of creating personalized channels from RSS feeds, URLs, and playlists. TVersity is based on the open-source component. Its bundled codecs are mainly open source. On Rocketfiles, you can install TVersity in two versions, which are TVersity Free and TVersity Pro. TVersity Pro is able to stream directly from online video websites. Besides, it does not deal with transcode. When you use TVersity, you do not have access to streaming from online video websites. However, you will enjoy the user-friendly environment with super fast search and navigation system. Use it to play the entire media library to smartphones. Note that a free version of TVersity has the ads. 


Mezzmo is another excellent multi-platform DLNA based media server. You can use it for streaming media of various file formats. Mezzmo supports the home-based DLNA/UPnP devices. This software can deal with TV shows, movies, HD videos, 3D videos, photos, etc. The most significant advantage of Mezzmo is that it even full support for the media sharing, which you can’t access in most of the Windows-based media servers. You can easily install Mezzmo in your personal computer and enjoy streaming any kind of media to DLNA/UPnP devices. Mezzmo is the best software for streaming your favorite media files to desktop computers, laptops, home theater, games consoles, TV, and other digital media appliances. Bring your home entertainment to a higher level. Once you have installed Mezzmo on your computer, the program will start extracting all the text and artwork metadata from various media files. Mezzmo is able to extract the metadata/artwork from the external metadata files too. The program is capable of retrieving backdrop/poster text from the online movie/TV show based websites. Mezzmo supports all popular formats and allows you to stream the subtitles in a beautiful style.


Serviio is a multifunctional media server for the Mac/Linux/Windows operating systems. It allows streaming the media files of DLNA devices. It works as a Blu-ray player, smartphones, games consoles, TV sets. You can use either a free or paid version of Serviio. Serviio is also capable of delivering the best options and functions. You can stream the data on almost all devices, which can be connected to the internet connection. 


Plex is an excellent program. However, it is always nice to have good alternatives. You should try them and see which set of functions satisfies your needs to the maximum. Surely, you will find the best solution for yourself.

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