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Hello, my dear readers! How are you? I hope that you are feeling wonderful and ready to find out something new for yourselves. Today we continue to discover Angular. So, this day we will talk about the difference between Angular and AngularJS. Let’s start!


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. The first version of Angular (AngularJS or Angular 1) was created in 2009. The main purpose of this framework is to build single-page applications (SPA) and also it gives you a possibility to interact with the DOM (Document Object Model).

AngularJS works according to the Model-View-Controller scheme (MVC scheme). Actually, the use of MVC is one of its distinctive features. It groups the app into three distinct parts which you can change independently of each other. This scheme makes it easy to work with the framework, write codes and test them rather fast.

In order to describe the interface, declarative programming is used, and the business logic is separated from the interface code, which makes better the testability and extensibility of applications.

Another distinguishing feature of AngularJS is dual (two-way) binding, which makes it possible for you to dynamically transform data in one place in the interface while transforming model data in another. In this manner, AngularJS keeps the model and view in synchronization.

Moreover, AngularJS supports such functionality as DOM manipulation, Ajax, animation, routing, templates, and so on. The capacity of this framework, the availability of rich functionality has vastly affected the fact that it finds its use in a rising number of web applications.

There are a lot of complaints from the AngularJS developers that it is slow in consequence of the fact that you have to continuously monitor all the models written in the code. However, large sites are running on AngularJS:

  • YouTube;
  • The web version of the Telegram messenger;
  • The largest freelance exchange UpWork.com;
  • Freelancer exchange freelancer.com;
  • AT&T website;
  • Bosch website;
  • General Electrics’ website and others.


Angular is Google’s framework for building client applications. Foremost, its main aim is to develop SPA solutions (Single Page Application). In this relation, Angular is the inheritor of the AngularJS framework. Simultaneously, Angular is not a new version of AngularJS, but a completely new framework. The latest version of Angular, Angular 10, came out in June 2020.

AngularJS provides functionality such as two-way binding to dynamically transform data in one place in the interface when model data transforms in another, templates, routing, and so on. One of the principal features of Angular is that it uses TypeScript as its programming language. Therefore, before starting work, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the basics of this language.

But it is not limited to TypeScript. If desired, you can write applications in Angular using languages ​​such as Dart or JavaScript. However, TypeScript is still the main language for Angular.

Let’s distribute all the differences between Angular and AngularJS on separate points.

  1. Language

Firstly, as I have already said Angular is based on TypeScript while AngularJS is based on JavaScript.

  1. Controllers and components

Terms of scope and controller are used in AngularJS. In order to scope a variable, you can add many other variables. This function will be available in View and also in Controller. In Angular, there isn`t any concept of scope or controllers. In place of them, it uses a hierarchy of components as its main architectural concept. A component is a directive with a template.

  1. The template engine

In AngularJS you can face a lot of directives. Furthermore, you can also specify the custom new directive. Angular has standard directives too, but they are used in another way. So, if you know one of these frameworks and want to learn another, one of the main things is to learn how to use directives.

  1. Mobile

AngularJS code is not mobile-friendly. On the contrary, Angular developed apps that are supported by all popular mobile browsers. So, in this case, Angular is more comfortable to use.

  1. Structure

In comparison with AngularJS, Angular has a better structure. It is easier to build and sustain large applications. But if you build small applications AngularJS is much more suitable.

  1. Expression Syntax

With regard to dealing with data binding, Angular is much more likely to be understood than AngularJS. In AngularJS you have to use ng-bind to bind data from view to model and vice versa. So in this version the developer must remember the right ng directive. In Angular properties surrounded in () and [] are used.

These are the main differences between Angular and AngularJS. Of course, there are more other differences, but they are less newsworthy.


I want to say that there are dozens of programming languages and frameworks that need attention from talented developers and newbies. It is difficult to choose which one to add to your toolbox. Among all this, Angular and AngularJS really deserve attention. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. All the best! Be healthy! Bye! 

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