Amazing Digital Gifts That Will Blow Away Those Lockdown Blues

Many of us have been experiencing lockdown for months. As lockdown gets lifted in some places, it continues in many others. Even after lockdown has lifted and we can move around, physical distancing continues, so we remain isolated most of the time.

Amid this unsavory atmosphere, birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions continue to come and go. Do not despair that you can’t be with a loved one for such an event. Express your love through a digital gift that you can buy from various websites!

10 Fantastic Digital Gifts to Send to a Loved one

In the digital environment that we live in today, there is so much that you can do for a special occasion. Even though you are physically apart, you can be there in spirit by sending your loved ones some of these trendy digital gifts:

e-Greeting Cards

Although e-greeting cards have been around for quite some time now, you can still get some innovative and personalized greeting cards. Numerous websites use a video intro maker for making online greeting cards in return for online payment.

You have to visit the website that offers these services and choose a card of your choice. Once you fill in the relevant details, you need to make the payment. Once the amount goes through, the card is delivered electronically to the recipient. 

Live Musical Message

There’s nothing more romantic than a musician serenading someone with live music. Unfortunately, it is something that isn’t happening very frequently nowadays, thanks to the pandemic. But thanks to a few innovative companies, you can still get it done.

You can avail of online services that have a tie-up with a musician and singer who will serenade your special person with three songs of your choice. Once you have chosen the songs from the list, you can make an online payment.

The artist will then contact the recipient through WhatsApp and perform the selected songs live. You have various instruments to choose from like a violin, saxophone, guitar, and piano, and you can request instrumental music or a song.


Caricatures are always a fun thing to do, and you can share the humor with your loved ones. Visit one of the many websites that produce caricatures. They will create a caricature of the recipient and send it along with a witty message for a small fee.

If you send a photograph of the recipient, they will incorporate their face into the caricature. Hopefully, your special person will see the humor in it. Or else, it’s not worth the risk!

Digital Magazine Cover or Newspaper Front Page

If you have a person or couple you love and admire and want to give them something special, this is a super gift! You can get photographs of the recipient/s “published” on a make-believe magazine cover.

You can also contribute to a make-believe newspaper’s front page. The recipient’s photos will be featured on the page as well as newspaper stories containing nice things about the recipients. 

Personalized e-Books

Personalized e-books are again not a new concept but we use to get hard-copies of them. They are great gifts for kids, but you can gift them to adults as well. For payment, the website owners will create an e-book of a story of your choice.

Fairy tales like Cinderella, Puss-in-Boots, or Rapunzel can be rewritten with the recipients as the main characters. Kids will love reading these well-known fairy tales with themselves featured as the main characters with a few of their photos included!

e-Gift Vouchers

There are online companies that provide e-gift vouchers for various products. You visit the website and register yourself. You can get vouchers for clothes, food, or electronic items. There is adequate flexibility regarding the choice.

Most of these vouchers have a one-year validity, so hopefully, the recipients can redeem their vouchers when the lockdown gets lifted.


When everyone is stuck at home, it’s a time when people are at a loose end and can binge-watch movies and TV serials. You can buy a membership or subscription for your loved ones for entertainment services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

With so many online courses advertised on the internet, you can even find a course that would interest a loved one. From coding and training to cooking and music, you will find various courses from which to choose. 

Online Health Insurance Policy

With the increase in medical expenses, especially in the current pandemic situation, health insurance has become an essential factor. However, everyone isn’t covered adequately, and some are not even covered at all.

You can express your love to someone close to you by gifting them with an online health insurance policy. You can find many websites that sell online insurance, so gift your loved one with a health insurance policy.

Personalized Video Message

You can create awesome videos if you download a YouTube movie maker, but then, everyone doesn’t have a flair for creating videos. But help is at hand! You can visit online websites that create professional, customized videos for you.

If you want to create a personalized video message for a special person, these websites will make a beautiful video for you. You get a personal message and appropriate music to charm your loved one like never before. It gets sent electronically to your loved one.

Customized Certificate

This might sound like a corny idea at the outset. But if properly executed, you can make a novel gift for your loved one. Some websites will create a customized certificate with a special message interwoven into the certificate.

For example, the message might read, “This is to certify: (and a humorous or intense statement). You can insert your deepest emotions and affections into the messages highlighted in your fun certificate, to touch your loved one’s heartstrings.

These 10 Great Ideas Will Brighten Your Day

Through the bleak backdrop of lockdown during this unfortunate pandemic, you can make things a bit brighter. By gifting people with any of these ten digital gifts, you can bring some variety into your day and make someone else’s day more meaningful as well.

In this digital age, we have ample opportunities to take advantage of the technology available to make our lives better. Whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary, Fathers’ Day, or Mothers’ Day, you can mark the occasion with something special for someone who will remember you for it.

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