5 Ways to Customize your iPhone

It has been over a decade since the launch of the very first iPhone. Even today, people await excitedly for the launch of the next sleek and glass model. Adding fuel to the fire was the arrival of smartphones.

These phones have become an integral part of life. Such that people have to invest in iPhone insurance to protect their phones. As a user, you would want to shield your iPhone by all possible means.

With the increasing number of attributes on your iPhone, you need something that belongs completely to you. This is possible by customizing your phone.

Discussed here are few ways to customize your iPhone:

Change your face ID

At times, when you are wearing a hat or winter caps your phone may not recognize your face. This is because the Face ID recognizes your original face and unlocks the phone. The same happens when you try to unlock your phone while wearing shades and reading glasses.  

If you own an iOS 12, then you change your phone settings to recognize the alternate appearance. All you have to do is go to settings then Face ID and Passcode, and then click on set up an alternate appearance.

Follow the further instructions mentioned by your phone and it will recognize your new look as well. However, do ensure that you are wearing that apparel (hat or glass) while changing the settings.

Give Siri a new accent

You are fond of Siri and love talking to her. But, at times you like to hear a different accent. Something that is unlike the usual Siri. This will keep your conversations with Siri interesting.

You already know that you can change Siri’s gender and now her accent as well. There are different accents available like South African, British, Australian and Irish to choose from.

All you have to do is go to settings and click on Siri and search. Next, click on the Siri voice option and check all the different accents and sounds available to you.

Explore the hidden touchpad

Did you know that there is a hidden keyboard on your iPhone? You can use this keyboard based on your tablet and iPhone. In the latest iPhones, you have to press down on any key and then the keyboard will turn blank.

You can move your finger on the keyboard and you can see the cursor move as you type.

If this doesn’t work on your iPhone, then hold on to the space bar and you get to enjoy the hidden touchpad. This feature makes it easier for you to type documents, text or even mail.

Customized notifications

You receive a notification on your home screen, every time you get a call, message, or email. You have to switch off notifications to avoid the constant updates. However, there are different ways to receive these notifications.

You can select your notification style. Go to your phone settings and then click on Notifications. Click on the application you wish to change notifications for and select the type of notification you prefer. You get options like sounds, alerts, banner style and many more.

With such options, you can receive an email in a frog’s tone, the message in bird’s chirping. This way, you can easily know where have you received a notification.

This helps you to pay attention to the important notifications and ignore the rest.

Interesting wallpaper

Are you bored of those typical still home screen? Then, your iPhone can help you to make it more interesting. You can use live and dynamic wallpapers to make your screen all the more appealing.

However, if you wish to stick to a good-looking still image, then you can also skimp through the still images section.


As much as it is necessary to make optimal use of your iPhone, you must also protect it. You need iPhone insurance and cover against theft and any other damage to your smartphone.


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