5 Tech Hacks for SAN Business Travelers

San Diego is the home of cult comedy hero Ron Burgundy and a plethora of picture-perfect beaches – but it’s also an enterprising city that likes to get down to business.

If you’re an entrepreneurial San Diegan with an eye on international expansion, the world is your oyster –  for instance, you could jet off to sell canopies in Calgary, lighting fixtures in London or even terrariums in Tokyo. 

But if you travel for business often, you’ll know that sometimes it feels like the gods of international aviation are conspiring against you to cause calamities, so it’s wise to plan every trip carefully on the basis that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. 

And if there’s one thing that makes international corporate networkers less nervous about making deadlines, meeting collaborators and striking deals, it’s technology.

So that’s precisely why this blog is packed to bursting point with five fantastic tech hacks for SAN business travelers – let’s proceed with the awesome advice you need.


  • Digital business cards


Business cards have been around for ages and they’re still one of the most convenient ways of passing on your contact details quickly to new leads.

But paper is so passé – instead, create a free digital business card on evaunt.com and impress everyone you meet with your tech savvy.


  • LinkedIn video


LinkedIn is the world’s largest online business networking site – according to official stats it has over 575 million users, 40% or whom check their accounts daily. 

And one of the most effective ways to connect with content on the platform these days is via video, so if you want to learn how to upload native videos there, check the LinkedIn.com FAQ pages.


  • International business culture app


Once your research has revealed that there’s a market for your offering in a new territory, you might need to alter the way it’s packaged and presented  to ensure that it’s culturally sensitive.

And you may need help in learning the cultural conventions in various nations too, in order to avoid embarrassing and expensive faux pas – download the Culture For Business app and you’ll make a good start in getting to grips with factors like local customs and adapting body language.


  • Business travel credit cards


When you travel frequently, carrying copious amounts of cash is inconvenient and potentially dangerous, plus some destinations worldwide much prefer dealing with plastic.

So signing up for a business travel credit card that offers extra perks and excellent terms and conditions is wise – there are plenty to choose from, but The Business Platinum Card from American Express and the United Explorer Business Card are two premium picks.


  • Business airport parking


When you’re perfectly groomed for your pre-flight period and want to avoid the crowds, it’s better to get to San Diego Airport in your own ride than relying on public transport.

So pre-book SAN airport parking with Looking4.com, drop your vehicle off and stroll into departures feeling fabulously calm and confident. 

Share your own SAN business travel tips in the comments section – we would love to hear from you!

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