5 Off-Page SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making In 2021

SEO is one of the most trending topics when it comes to ranking your website in Google. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Implementing SEO properly can take your business to the next level, whereas there are a few mistakes you definitely need to avoid. 

You just need to get in touch with one of the Best SEO Agencies and ask them to use SEO techniques to give a boost to your business. Most digital marketers have this preconceived notion that it all depends on on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO; they do not give proper importance to the off-page SEO for which they lack behind. 

Some of you may not know what an off-page SEO is, so without wasting any time, lets us take a look at what an off-page SEO is and whether or not it really matters.

What is Off-page SEO, And Why Does It Matter?

As the name suggests, off-page SEO includes Search Engine Optimisation tactics that take place off your website to improve the ranking of your website. It matters a lot because Google keeps changing its algorithms and ranking factors. 

The most common form of off-page SEO is link building. Linking can help your articles rank higher, but there are certain things you must avoid while you are implementing off-page SEO. Let us take a look at them.   

5 Off-Page SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making In 2021

These are the top 5 off-page SEO mistakes you should avoid making in 2021. 

  1. You should avoid unnatural linking

Sometimes there is no meaning of the article present in the content and the link to which it is directed. For instance, you may be writing a blog on cars, but the link that you have placed is that of a mobile website. 

When Google finds out these cheap off-page SEO tricks, then they will rank down your website. Google updates their terms and conditions in early 2021. According to Google, it will devalue the article, which has a lot of articles links present in it

  1. You should avoid providing duplicate content

Providing duplicates should be avoided at all costs. All though there is no hard and fast rule related to duplicate content, the problem lies when some similar web pages start competing to see who gets the higher rank. 

When Google finds out webpages are literally on the verge of murdering each other for getting the higher ranks, it filters out some of the websites. 

  1. Double-check alt tags and broken images

According to research conducted by Social Media Magazine, above 45% of sites include images with broken alt tags, and many of them even have broken images. If you do not know the importance of alt tags, let me tell you in brief. 

Alt tags mean a proper way of describing your image content to your search engine so that it gets ranked properly. They not only help your website to rank higher but also drives traffic to your website. 

  1. Not giving the proper meta Description

As a content writer, this is another thing that bothers me. The meta description should be within 30 words and between 145-150 characters. The job of a meta description is to describe the content of the article in brief. 

According to reports of research conducted by SEMrush, over 30% of sites have too long meta descriptions or too short meta descriptions. Most meta descriptions are even duplicate. 

  1. Low word count

Low word count is something that Google takes very seriously. Having a lower word count means Google crawlers will have trouble crawling through it. Therefore it will not be able to index and rank the article properly.  

Final Thoughts

There you go now; you know the 5 Off-Page SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making In 2021. With each passing day, the competition is getting tough, and I cannot afford to make these mistakes. As a bonus tip, you should also avoid too many on-page links, or else Google will devalue your content.     

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