3 Things You Need To Remember When Working In a Lab

3 Things You Need To Remember When Working In a Lab

Working in a lab is a lot different than working in a regular office. You may have to wear a lab coat or work with hazardous materials. Lab culture can be strange, and it might take some time to get used to. But if you can get used to it, there are many benefits to working in the lab. Here are some tips for how you should act while you’re working in a lab.

Dress Accordingly

You can’t wear jeans, flip-flops, or sneakers in a lab. You’ll probably need boots, a lab coat, and rubber gloves. If you’re working with dangerous chemicals, wearing a lab coat or goggles and a dust mask might be necessary. Plus, when you’re ready to start working, you might want to wear special gloves and a hair net.

Thou Shalt Not Touch

Many students are terrified of touching a microscope slide, but you can clean a microscope slide by using wet wipes. Use baby wipes to wash your hands, and then wipe off the slide with a moistened paper towel. Not only will you be getting dirty with chemicals, but you could be getting dirty with potentially harmful viruses.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Even if you’re working on an isolated study or lab, take the extra few minutes to keep your lab clean. Don’t let students come in and leave dirty instruments all over the room—clean dishes and surfaces before cleaning your work area.

Dispose Of Lab Waste Safely

First, you need to know what to dispose of. Depending on what you’re working on, the rules can be different. While some 2mag require their employees to take samples to a facility for disposal, others allow you to leave samples at the lab and dispose of them at home.

Your lab is unique. Many of the rules and procedures are similar in all labs. It’s important to remember some things you’ll find helpful throughout your professional life when you’re in the lab.

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