13 Cool Apps You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

13 Cool Apps You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Cool apps are all the hype these days because everyone is hooked to their smartphones. Why wouldn’t they be? The use of this technology has already made our lives astronomically easier and more convenient day by day. In this age of information, knowing more and using your time smarter is an advantage for your self-development and business. So how do we achieve this through our devices? It’s as simple as installing the most lifestyle-suitable apps on our phones! We probably already know about the apps we knew we needed, like the calculator, the calendar, Uber, or even grocery shopping apps. But what about apps we didn’t know we needed? Some unexpected encounters will make us realize that life with technology is much more interesting than we know it. If we were honest with ourselves, we probably only explored the tip of the iceberg of the world of mobile applications. But don’t worry, because we’re here to widen your horizons regarding cool apps you probably didn’t know existed. We listed down 13 applications that are a mix of fun, quirky, forward-thinking, and useful – but are overall fantastic. They are readily downloadable on Google Play and or the Apple iOS store. 

Try-It-On (iOS and Android)

With the trauma that the pandemic has brought us all, no one is trying those free tester samples of lipsticks at Sephora anymore. So instead of swatching the colors of the lipsticks to your skin, why not use Try-It-On? Try-It-On gives you a glimpse of how a makeup product will match your features by simply uploading a photo and scanning the desired product’s barcode. There is no need for that messy swiping on the wrist either because all you need to do is look at yourself in the photo and decide for yourself. Cool, huh?

Ownage Pranks Prank Call App (iOS and Android)

Most people think that prank calls in the age of smartphones are only done by annoying juveniles who like to waste service crews and staff time. We’re way past that humor, and honestly, no one believes these “practical jokes” anymore! For its lack of creativity, anyone would just rather hang up than listen to a cliche of a prank. What’s the fun in that, right? But don’t worry, pranksters! Because this decade, prank calls are made funnier and more believable with prank call apps like this! All you need is simply install this app, and you will be met with more than 100 hilarious prank calls that you can anonymously send to anyone you like. The pranks can range from an annoying neighbor who demands your victim’s wifi password to a furiously jealous woman who would accuse your victim of flirting with her boyfriend! These automatic pranks are performed by professional voice actors that can easily convince your victim that they’re talking to a real person right away. You probably didn’t expect that people would still do this, huh? You can send one of their pranks to your friends, family, or even your annoying and entitled boss. Send prank calls as much as you please! There’s no way of them knowing that it’s you, anyway!

Zombies, Run (iOS and Android)

If good health isn’t still a good motivation for you to pump up your cardio session, then maybe zombies catching up with you and eating your brains will. Zombies, Run turns your typical jog into a survival simulation in case zombies start dominating the world! Not only will this condition you to run faster, but it will also make it more fun and will keep the adrenaline rushing even more. Just make sure to jog in safe areas. Meaning no cars, no stray animals chasing you to death. Once you’ve found the perfect place to do this, you’re good to go!

Rando (iOS and Android)

If you are sick of the monotony of dating apps, you may try Rando. As the name suggests, everything here is entirely random. It helps you connect with people worldwide, and it allows you to send random photos. Of course, don’t send anything you wouldn’t want to receive yourself.  Just make sure to be respectful at all times, and you’ll have a great time. Who knows? You might even meet someone special on the other side of the globe! 

Binky (iOS and Android)

Even though we connect and communicate with our friends on social media, sometimes we can’t help but feel mentally exhausted by it. It can sometimes be too distracting for our productivity that it drives us to a decision to quit it altogether. Deleting social media can be a big move, especially if it’s already been a part of our lives for years. The solution? Download Binky! Binky might just be the best alternative for you when you delete your account, and you miss the feeling of scrolling on your feed. It’s like social media but minus the people. It’s like Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder all in one place – but then again, without interacting with real people on the end of the line. It makes so much sense that its logo is a pacifier because it keeps you distracted without literally getting anything. None of the things you do here makes sense – but it’s better than feeling bad, right? You’ll eventually get tired of Binky (if not right away), and you won’t have any other choice but to focus on your productivity instead!

SleepBot (iOS and Android)

We all know we need to sleep sufficiently at night to function better for the next day. But how do we know we’re having enough? We’ve all done it, we’ve all calculated the number of hours we will have when we fall asleep at a specific time of the night, and hopefully, we get at least 7 hours. Is our prediction really that accurate, though? Spoiler alert: it probably isn’t! Sleepbot helps you keep track and analyze in a single report about your average sleep time, your sleep trends, sleep debt, etc.! If you want to think of it simply, it’s like screen time, but for your Zzzz’s. 

Tunity (iOS and Android)

Sometimes, you just want to sit in a bar and watch a game while sipping on an ice-cold beer. Still, suddenly, everyone starts to get so rowdy and noisy that you couldn’t concentrate anymore? Worry no more because Tunity lets your phone act as a tuner for any television. It will stream the same show on your phone, and you can now bring out your earplugs and listen to the show’s audio uninterrupted. This app is best for introverts who just want to have a good time by themselves in public places. 

Morning Routine (Android)

This is possibly the most annoying app on this list. We all have trouble waking up in the morning, especially if we are only working from home. What’s the rush? The office is just a few steps away! But even though it’s too tempting to just sleep in the whole day, we know that it still has to be done. The creators of this app know the struggle. That’s why they created an alarm clock that will force you to stand and scan barcodes of things. It will make you a bit cranky, yes, but you know it’s effective! 

Billr (iOS)

Going out for a nice meal with friends is fun with all the chit-chats and the inside jokes until BOOM – you have to split the bill and make mental maths of the things you ordered. It’s nice if you have that one friend who wouldn’t mind going through all the trouble. But if you don’t have that, then Billr might just be the friend you need! It can help you split the bill up to 16 people accurately down to the last cent. That’s no more tension on who’s gonna do the math for you and your friends!

Skiplagged (iOS and Android)

Here’s another app that may appeal to those of you who want to get the best bang for your buck when traveling! Traveling by air is definitely not the cheapest thing to spend your money on this planet, but don’t worry. Skiplagged is perfect for budget travelers looking for the cheapest flights available. Not only the cheapest flights to your supposed destination but also flights for “hidden cities.” If you are not familiar with hidden cities, these are basically cities that are layovers to your supposed destinations. The flights are typically cheaper here, and you will only need a cheap train or bus ride to get to where you originally wanted to go. Smart, isn’t it?

RunPee (iOS and Android)

Watching shows in movie theaters with a bag of popcorn is all cool and convenient until you need to run for a quick bathroom break. But the conflict is just unfolding; what if I miss an essential dialogue for the show’s plot? You finish the scene, and you realize it isn’t that important. Now, your bladders are bursting, and the next scene is the crucial scene you were hoping for earlier. Annoying, isn’t it? If there was only some excellent app to tell you when to take a bathroom break and help catch you up with your missed scenes! Except that there is a fantastic app to tell you when to take a bathroom break and help catch you up with your cut scenes! It’s called RunPee, and it’s there to give you the movie’s synopsis and suggest the perfect time you can run for a quick bathroom break. You can now enjoy your film with a happy bladder!

Scan Life (iOS and Android)

You’ve earned your money because of your thorough hard work, so it’s just right that you don’t easily let it go to waste! You’ve already heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” but has anyone told you to spend smarter, not cheaper? With Scan Life, you can get retailers’ best deals in your area by simply scanning a product’s barcode. This is perfect if you are just shopping light and have a strict product list to follow on a tight budget. 

Wakie (iOS and Android)

If the day before you isn’t enough motivation to get out of bed, then maybe getting calls from random creepy strangers will! This app has a reputation for being the coolest yet weirdest apps in recent years. So why wouldn’t it be? You set the alarm, and suddenly a homeless man from New York City is calling you! How about a Danish prostitute? You’ll be so freaked out you’d want to wake up and search all your doors and windows to see if someone else is spying on you. So much for an alarm clock, huh?

Did you find anything that screamed a need for you to download already? Go ahead and install them on your device (if you still haven’t.) Some of the apps here are just a hack that will help you save time and money, while others are just pure fun and could help you cope better as you adjust to the world’s new normal. Speaking of living in a changing world, you might be interested in how businesses host events in the new normal; you can read about that here. It’s always an advantage to get ahead, and we hope we helped you with our list. 


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